Make Sure Angela Gets Enough Sleep

Angela’s globe-trotting, big-city lifestyle is bound to tire her out, and eventually, she’ll get too [...]

Travel the World

Your other option on the city screen is to tap the airport shuttle bus, which [...]

Make Treats, Play Music, And Dance!

The final button on the game screen is the city button. Tap this to take [...]

Become A Make-Up Artist

No, Talking Angela look would be complete without the magic of make-up, and there are [...]

Dress to Express

Styling Angela is really at the heart of this game, and you’ll be spoiled for [...]

Style Angela’s Hair And Brush Her Fur

Tap the hairbrush button to enter Angela’s boudoir, then tap the wig head to style [...]

Take Care Angela’s Health

Tap the toilet button to take Angela to the bathroom, which is where you can [...]

Feed Angela

Just like everyone else, Angela’s got to eat. Tap the fork and spoon button to [...]

Style Angela’s Apartment

Angela has just moved into a swish new apartment and, being the kind of girl [...]

Play Mini-Games

Tap the games console in Angela’s bedroom to access her very own range of mini-games. [...]

How to started playing Talking Angela Cat Game

The cutesy feline that lives out her days on mobile devices is back! My Talking [...]